New Album Release

Coming July 10th 2022

Picture by Stephen Holding (Shooting Stars Maui)  

A Taste Of Jazz

 Jimmy C’s eclectic, stick-wise drumming style results from years of layering. Jazz-fusion, dixie-cowboy, Philly doo-wop, Jersey shore sweat-bang; flavors of musical moments from 57 years of rock and jazz history jump off the skins when Jimmy C. slams into gear. Read More.

Jimmy C's radio show, "A Taste Of Jazz" on Mana’o Radio 91.7 FM airs on Tuesdays from 10am to 2pmJazz you can understand and enjoy without making your ears bleed from musical gymnastics and self-indulgent solo's. Tunes from the great American songbook done sometimes in a jazzy style, and classics from various genres. And of course new releases. 

Although playing mostly live over the years, Jimmy C has found time to step away from the stage and head into the studio to lay down tracks with some close friends and fellow musicians. Listen and buy Jimmy C music!

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